Little Lopsided Grin – Lyric Video

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You have a song. And I want to sing it for you.

I want to help you celebrate the life of your precious new baby with a lovingly composed song just for him or her. I want you to dance to your very own personalized love song on your wedding day. I want you to give that someone you can’t imagine your life without a gift song they’ll never forget. I want to honour the years of love you have shared with your sweetheart with an anniversary song. I want to tell the story of that person who meant the world to you in a song that will never die.

So tell me… What’s your story?

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You Live

Whole – David’s Song

Always Daughter – Michelle’s Song

Hello Beautiful World – Maritime Travel’s Song

Deep Deep Down – Everly’s Song

In A Heartbeat – Brittany Fletcher’s Story

The One – Shayna and Travis’ Story

Your Biggest Fan – Tony and Kim’s Story

Can’t Imagine – Sandra and Brian’s Story

This Is Love – Barb and Don’s Anniversary Story

Good Good Heart – Todd and Samantha’s Story