~ Jo-Ann and Mallory, Inspirers of Extraordinary

“Meaghan 😭😭😭 I have no words. Jordan gave me his anniversary gif yesterday. I cried so hard we had to go home so I could re-get-ready for our night out. Meaghan, you captured everything he wanted and everything I ever could have dreamed of. It’s our story. Its our life and our love and I have a song thats just for me. Every girl in the world deserves a song just for them❤️ Your beautiful voice with just your guitar…..it was just EVERYTHING ❤️ I love you! Thank you for helping Jordan give me the most beautiful gift I will ever receive. My grand-babies will listen to this song and know that their grandpa loved their grandma. I’ve listened to it a thousands times already and still can’t get through it. I’m not sure you’ll ever know how much you are touching peoples hearts and lives. I love you, thank you❤️

~ Robyn in response to The Luckiest One

“An amazing artist in every sense of the word! I am humbled to have been part of this wonderful project. Meaghan Smith and Jason Mingo have a way of writing music for the soul. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not blessed by the sweet words sung in “Good Good Heart.” This past weekend I was working in the Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit where people recover from open heart surgery. My personal brush with heart problems brought me to the brink of open heart surgery (thankfully did not have to undergo such a major operation), and I reflected on what these patients and their family members are going through.

I remembered that my Father was in the same situation as these patients, (25-ish years ago), and saw the concern and support my Mother showed for my Dad, my older brother and me. As I worked, I watched the tender moments these families shared together, I couldn’t help but hear the song of “Good Good Heart” play over and over in my mind and desperately wanting to share my sympathies to them through that perfect song. I couldn’t muster the courage to intrude on any of their time together, so I left the title of this song with one of the amazing nurses working there.

“Good Good Heart” was first a song to my daughter, but now it is so much more than that! I hope that it will bring families together in their time of crisis and bring emotional support and healing through its sublime lyrics and melody.”

~ Todd Smith in response to Good Good Heart

“Thank you so much for my parents’ song! They loved it (and I did too!) They were kind of speechless actually, and both cried. (I also might have cried a little…) I was blown away by the care you put into it, with the beautiful personal note, and lyrics on fancy paper. I knew that whatever you did would be amazing but you exceeded my expectations! Thanks so much again for such a beautiful gift! We are all blown away!”

~Andrea Jerrett in response to This Is Love

“ I struggled with what to write to you as praise… I’m guessing you are probably used to hearing compliments about your other ‘Our Song ‘ efforts. So along those lines… the production quality, your voice, the hook, the personalization, and the melody of the song were all incredible! The personalized letter and lyrics were awesome additional touches that really brought me closer to you as the songwriter and gave me an appreciation for the behind the scenes efforts you undertook. So Thank You! Really… I haven’t felt as heart-filled since I was a teenager…”

~Tony Landry (AKA Doc Landry) in response to Your Biggest Fan



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