My name is Meaghan Smith. As an award-winning singer and songwriter I have spent my life writing my own songs and telling my own stories, and I personally know the inspiring and transformative power of music. Now I want to share this power with you through my most recent musical adventure, Our Song.

Our Song is an innovative and original interactive musical process where I come into your world and research your institution or company, your product, and your people. Bringing my own outside perspective in with me, I internalize and process all the information I collect and create a one of a kind song that reflects the heart of what it is that you have to offer. This process and your resulting song will create positive motivation and empowerment, amplify team building, and encourage creativity in your colleges, co workers, and employees.

Another powerful component of what I have to offer you with Our Song is the video presentation. By recording the process that went into creating your song, the interviews, the interactions, and the behind-the-scenes creativity, you and your team can see first hand what I learned about you, and just how inspirational you really are.

Your Our Song video and song will not only be motivating for your immediate team, but can also be used as recruiting, sales, and promotional tools to educate and engage your clients on a deeper and more meaningful level.

As an experienced performer, I can also present your Our Song live and would love to consider being a part of your conference or corporate event.

Our Song is innovative. It’s powerful. It’s inspiring. Your song is waiting. I want to write it.

If you would like your team fully engaged and motivated through this interactive musical process, contact me directly here.


“Our song , Hello Beautiful World, by Meghan Smith was one of the most inspiring and unique ideas we’ve had in recognizing our staff.  Closing our staff Conference with this performance delivered what we could never do in a closing speech no matter how great a speaker. Many staff (and management) were moved to tears.

The video was as important as the song given the involvement of our staff working with Meaghan as she learned about our work, culture and value in what we do that inspired her to write Our  Song

When first performed by Meaghan, you could sense the realization and pride our team felt of the work they do and this song now reminds them of their value to the company, and to others,  every time they listen to it.

The making of the Song and the lyrics are now prominent on our Career site which I believe best demonstrates our culture and stirs more engagement in learning more about our company.

We also  share this in  our New Employee Orientation and with suppliers  so new members and partners  feel they are aligning with a company that values its people and proud of the work they do. “

– Carol Buchanan, President, Retail, Maritime Travel


“Our Song, Hello Beautiful World is absolutely perfect!! It was so meaningful and poignant and it was the exact message we wanted to send!  The song was beyond our expectations!!! The video added so much to the presentation. There were many tears at the end of it. I thought it added so much emotion and really highlighted to the team how much we appreciate them and how much they love to work for Maritime Travel. It is exactly how we wanted to conclude our conference. Our staff left to go home in such a positive way. Everything was awesome. Your story was great, there were many laughs and the song was performed well. Your voice is breathtaking and the crowd was ‘wowed’!”

-Stephanie Perkins, Regional Manager or Branch Operations for Maritime Travel


“Meaghan Smith and her husband were fantastic. Thank you for that song It was amazing and she really did an amazing job capturing the wonderful job of a travel agent.”

“Entertainment was the best yet! Every year it gets better and better!”

“Loved Meaghan Smith’s part of our conference the most! So uplifting and it was very special this year.”

“Meaghan was amazing!!!!”

“Meaghan was awesome! Thank you for such a beautiful experience.”

“Meaghan’s song was amazing! Very touching.”

“Thank you for our song. It made me feel so special and was so moving.”

“I was so blown away by Meagan Smith, what a wonderful way to honour us. Thank You!”

“Meaghan Smith’s gift to all of us was amazing; so empowering! Her track should be our music on hold

in every office.”

– Maritime Travel Conference Attendees