About Our Song

Hi. You’re my Inspiration. I’m your Songwriter. I’m so glad we’ve found each other.

Our Song is a Custom Songwriting experience. You tell me your unique story and I write your very own personalized song.

Your love song.

Your anniversary song.

Your family song.

Your song about loss.

Your Our Song.

The Process

✍️Research:  You tell me all about your story.

🎹Songwriting:  Your story inspires me to write your Our Song.

🥁Production: My award-winning HusBand, Jason Mingo and I professionally produce and record your Our Song.

🎁Packaging: Your Our Song is delivered to you in a beautiful gift box and includes a USB drive, a personalized letter detailing the inspiration behind your Our Song, a framed original piece of artwork and other musical treats.

Come experience the power of Our Song.